Thursday, November 25, 2010

Let it snow let it snow let it snowwww

First snowfall of the season today =] its nice, I love the fluffy white stuff. Weather network called for a couple centimeter's but I'd say we have a couple inch's already. I wanna go up to the mountain this year but the wifey doesn't know how to snowboard or ski =( Shucks eh? I love winter. I don't really mind the cold at all. The snow is amazing, My birthday is in December as well as Christmas and New Year. Whats not to like? Great weather for Movies, Hot chocolate, and of course: Video Games! I'm also stoked that this is Lenette's first Christmas that she is old enough to actually do stuff! Lol she was around last year, but too little to even roll around in it. I put her in her swing and spun her around like it was a sled and she had a blast. Anyways, I'm going to go enjoy this marvelous weather before Cyn goes to work. Later on I've got some homework but I'll probably fire up the Xbox or some GW to pass the time by till she gets home. 

Remember everyone, GLHF, And L2P =P 
Enraged Out 


  1. I had some snow today as well :)
    sadly it wasn't much but any snow is snow!

  2. Wow! how sweet is it to be young again. Nice post =)

  3. Thanks Guy's Angelo, I like your blog, You've been followed =]

  4. oh so nice! I like your blog. I am following. Kiss

  5. How much snow did you end up with? Over the past 3 days I got close to 3 feet of snow up here :P

  6. Hey you should start writing more again. I liked your personal touch to your blog. It's good to see gamers as more than over zealous slackers LOL I am a big time gamer myself check out my blog


    I followed you by the way I hope you start blogging again soon.