Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Herro Nubs!

Hey All, 

How's a goin? I've been bored lately and so I decided that I would start blogging a little bit. I used to blog back in high school but stopped since then, these days I have so much more I can talk about anyways. So why don't I tell you just a little bit about myself first off, My name is Ryan Tielmann, born and raised in Abbotsford B.C. I've lived here all my life and probably will stay here for the majority of the rest of it. I am 20 years old as of Dec 4th 2010. I am a HUGE nerd, I'll play any game from Video to Board to RPG. A couple that I have grown a definitive liking to would include World of Warcraft and and Dungeons and Dragons, so you know that I geek it up with the best of them. I am engaged to the most amazing woman I have ever met. She's the love of my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

The two of us have a gorgeous baby girl together, shes almost 14 months old and she's the splitting image of me, she is blonde haired blue eyes, and cute as a button. My life changed so much for the better once she rolled around. I love her more then life itself. Continuing on with my hobbies, I am largely obsessed with Volkswagens, I don't know why, but those car's just have something that pulls me in to their clutch's. Currently, I am hoping to receive Cataclysm as well as a time card for WoW for my birthday. I wanna see how the shattering affected the World....of Warcraft. I'm also playing guild wars to pass the time, and pretty much any xbox game that I can get my hands on. From this blog, I'm hoping to be able to do some game reviews, let you all know which games to try, and which games to just stay away from. Other then that, my post's will basically be about my life, interests, or pretty much anything else I think is post worthy for the day :) 

So thats it for today. Always remember, GLHF, And L2P Nub's =]
Enraged Out

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  1. You're daughter would be a superstar in the future. She's so adorable!